About Gumloop

Note: we recently rebranded from AgentHub to Gumloop. We're still the same people building the same product!

Gumloop is a platform for automating complex work using AI via a simple drag and drop interface. We want any person or business to be able to automate their work without needing to be AI experts or software engineers.

Our company handbook

Making our intentions public is the best way to hold ourselves to them. The company handbook is us doing our best to convert what believe internally into words on a page. It's meant to cover how we work, what we believe and what we're working towards. Check it out here.

About the team

We're currently a team of 2 building as fast as we possibly can. We're based in Vancouver BC, Canada and most likely coding in an apartment somewhere downtown as you read this. Reach out to us at founders@gumloop.com if you want to get in touch.